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The Best of the Year TechTudo returned in 2020 to select the products and services that stood out the most in the year. The website will indicate the best electronics, cell phones, apps and games of the last months, with a jury formed by specialists from different areas of technology. The big news is the popular vote, which gives the reader the opportunity to help their favorite device win the prize. The result will be announced via a live on TechTudo’s Facebook and Instagram, which will take place on October 30th.

OTE VOTE: What is the best Headphone of 2020?

Among the electronics, one of the categories is that of headphones, which will be evaluated based on important criteria both for the user’s choice and for their experience after purchase. THE TechTudo it will also evaluate other product segments in the hardware area, including notebooks, speakers and TVs, choosing the best of each in 2020.

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Best of the Year 2020 will bring the highlights of the year in different categories – Photo: Arte / TechTudo

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The headphones are the daily companions of several people, and have specific features that can make a difference when buying a new model. With most popular models bringing Bluetooth connectivity, autonomy is one of those important points, as well as the design, which must be ergonomic and comfortable.

In addition, sound quality is one of the criteria that cannot be missed, since it is the main focus of the segment. Likewise, the features present, such as active noise cancellation or even the possibility of activating the cell phone’s voice assistants, also need to be considered.

  1. Cost benefit
    The price of the headset should not deviate from what the manufacturer promises in its specifications and features. In addition, there is no point in promising a lot in a top-of-the-line product if the values ​​go far beyond opponents with the same use proposal. So, the question is: does the money charged match what the accessory delivers?
  2. Design and comfort
    As the headphones are products of constant use in daily life, one of the most important factors is their design, which must be ergonomic and comfortable for the user. In the case of over-ear headphones, the shells cannot press too hard on the head, while fully wireless devices need a good fit. In addition, the visual and practicality to store and transport the models are also very relevant in this criterion.
  3. Sound quality
    Perhaps the most striking feature of a headset, regardless of the category or type of use, is the sound quality. Is the product able to convey everything that music has to offer? Are low, mid and treble well defined in the model? Specifications such as driver size, frequency range and specific audio chips can make a difference in this regard.
  4. Features and integration
    The integration of the headset, both with the cell phone and with other products and services, is essential for the best of 2020. Does the model have a quick and practical pairing? Are there any apps available to configure your controls and equalize their playback? In addition, access to voice assistants is also an interesting point in the category, as well as features such as active noise cancellation, which has been appearing on the main devices in the segment.
  5. Drums
    Finally, the autonomy of the models – all wireless and with Bluetooth connectivity, in this case – is important in everyday life. Whether working or studying, a headset that runs out of battery in the middle of the path can end up hindering concentration, for example. How long does the model stay in the socket to reach 100%? And how many hours should these 100% deliver? In the case of fully wireless: does the charging case deliver enough for a hectic routine?

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The finalists of the Best of the Year TechTudo 2020 in the headphones category were chosen because of the promise of quality in reproduction, integrated features and portability. Among them are over-ear headphones, completely wireless devices and even options that can work well for sports use. There are five in total, which you can see below:

  • Sony WH-1000XM4
    Sony’s top-of-the-line headset promises to bring one of the best active noise cancellation systems on the market. With improvements in the QN1 chip, already present in the predecessor XM3, and seven microphones dedicated to the feature, the model isolates the user, but also gives options to interact with the “outside world”. An example is Speak-to-Chat, which recognizes the voice of those using the device via AI, pausing the music and canceling it for quick conversations.
    In addition, reproduction quality and good autonomy are also part of the WH-1000XM4, which is for sale from R $ 2,399 in Brazil, according to Compare TechTudo. It is worth mentioning that Sony recently announced that it will stop the production and sale of audio and video devices in the country in 2021, but support continues for the next few years.

Sony WH-1000XM4 has good noise cancellation, premium finish, own app, among other features – Photo: Yuri Hildebrand / TechTudo

  • Galaxy Buds Live
    The Bluetooth headset from Samsung came with a different proposal compared to the main rivals in the market. According to the manufacturer, its fit is ideal thanks to the shape, which resembles a bean, while the sound output is not of the in-ear type, nor does it have the earbud style, like traditional AirPods, for example. Buds Live also has 12 mm drivers, promise of fast connectivity – especially with Galaxy phones – active noise cancellation and is available to buy in bronze, black and white. Its official price is R $ 1,299, but it is now possible to find the handset at retail for R $ 979, according to Compare.

Galaxy Buds Live has a very different design from its rivals and promises premium features – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

  • AirPods Pro
    A reference in the segment of totally wireless headsets, the AirPods Pro is, in fact, a 2019 launch. But, as the accessory did not make it into the TechTudo Finalists of the Year last year, it will compete for the award in 2020. Its features include in-ear design, plus a slimmer, lighter profile compared to the original AirPods.
    Another highlight is the active noise cancellation, which allows to block external sounds, and the greater integration with Apple devices, thanks to the H1 chip. There is also an adaptive equalization feature, which optimizes playback in real time. In Brazil, its official price is R $ 2,999, but the phone already appears in online stores at least R $ 1,789, according to Compare.

AirPods Pro has a thin and light design, as well as premium features such as noise cancellation and adaptive equalization – Photo: Disclosure / Apple

  • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2
    Sennheiser’s completely wireless headset reaches TechTudo’s Best of the Year with another award in its bag: the best headset of 2020-2021 by EISA, European Image and Sound Association. Features include an in-ear design with a more premium footprint, in addition to finishing fabric in the case. Features like active noise cancellation and Transparent Hearing – a kind of Ambient Mode – are also present, and the manufacturer promises a true stereo sound in the product.
    Regarding the autonomy, there are up to 28 hours of continuous use in total, and the model is also IPX4 certified for resistance to water splashes, being also interesting for sports use. Its official value in Brazil is R $ 2,499, the same price as the commemorative version recently launched.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 “Anniversary Edition” has a special design – Photo: Disclosure / Sennheiser

  • JBL Club One
    The JBL representative on the list is another over-ear headphone. Club One arrived as top of the line, with features such as active noise cancellation that promises to adapt the frequency block according to the environment. The brand promises greater comfort due to the padding and premium finish. The phone also features Alexa and Google Assistant integrated, allowing you to control playback, listen to text messages and control connected home devices available on Amazon and Google services.
    The brand also promises good sound quality, including equalizations made by professional DJs in JBL’s own app. The model is another that allows you to “escape” from complete isolation for quick conversations with functions like TalkThru and Ambient Aware, in addition to offering 45 hours of autonomy. Its price in the manufacturer’s store is R $ 1,999.

JBL Club One has battery for up to 45 hours of music – Photo: Disclosure / JBL

OTE VOTE: What is the best Headphone of 2020?

  • Bruno Lagoela – Founder of Escolha Segura
  • Leonardo Rocha – Editor-in-Chief of Tecmundo
  • Paulo Higa – Executive Editor of Tecnoblog
  • Junior Nannetti – Presenter at Infinite Loop
  • Yuri Hildebrand – TechTudo Editor

In 2020, in addition to the team of experts, TechTudo opens all polls to the public. Click here and VOTE for the best headset. The most voted will receive the title “Headphone of the Year – Popular Vote”.


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