Photovoltaic energy company announces investments of R $ 105 million in Minas Gerais – Economy


Photovoltaic solar plant in Uberlândia, in the Minas Gerais Triangle. Other mining towns will receive similar units (photo: Gil Leonardi / Press)

Governor Romeu Zema received this afternoon Wednesday (14), representatives of the GDSolar company to announce new investments in Minas Gerais. The group, which operates in the photovoltaic energy segment, will build 11 new plants, not total value of R $ 105 million. With the new businesses, the company adds R $ 281 million invested in mining land, reaching an installed capacity of 65 megawatts (MW). The cities of Iraí de Minas, Guarda Mor, Ibiá, Nova Ponte, Frutal and Inimutaba, in the Alto Paranaíba, Noroeste, Triângulo Mineiro and Central regions will receive the investments.

The simplification to install photovoltaic energy companies, the best legislation in the segment in Brazil and effective incentives for the generation of solar energy, in addition to the high incidence of sunlight are determining factors for attracting new businesses.

Governor Romeu Zema points out that Minas Gerais has become a very promising state for those who want to invest in photovoltaic energy. “Our focus is to make life easier for the entrepreneur. The government acts in a simple and objective way, making the actions less bureaucratic. The announcement made by GDSolar reaffirms our commitment to foster economic development in order to generate employment and income for miners, ”he said.

Mine example

GDSolar’s CEO, Alexandre Gomes, pointed out that the state’s performance is an example for Brazil and emphasized the planning for expanding new investments. “Our home is Minas, about 40% of our portfolio is here. We found better conditions to invest and we want to bring development to the regions that have suffered for so long because of the drought, ”he said.

By 2021 there will be 18 plants in operation. The group’s objective is to meet the demands of companies concerned with changing the energy matrix with low carbon emissions, combined with cost reduction.

“Despite the pandemic moment, Minas Gerais has attracted more and more investments. In September alone, we closed a balance of R $ 7 billion in new business. The numbers reinforce that the work done has generated good results ”, said the governor.

Investments by solar energy companies monitored by the Investment and Foreign Trade Promotion Agency (Indi) show the confidence of entrepreneurs. In the North region alone, there are ten formalized projects and 16 under negotiation, totaling R $ 47 billion in new activities.

The meeting with GDSolar was also attended by Secretary-General Mateus Simões, Deputy Secretary for Economic Development, Fernando Passalio and the President of Indi, Thiago Toscano.

Cutting edge of solar energy

According to data from the Brazilian Association of Photovoltaic Solar Energy (Absolar), Minas Gerais has the largest installed power of solar energy generation, representing 19.9% ​​of the total in Brazil, with a capacity to generate 736 MW. The state leads the ranking, followed by Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo and Paraná. In centralized generation, the installed capacity in operation in the state is 529 MW, second only to Bahia.

Sol de Minas

The Economic Development Secretariat (Headquarters) created the Sol de Minas program to promote economic development and invest in the state’s production potential. The action is part of the government’s strategic planning, with the objective of leveraging the role of the state in the photovoltaic energy sector in relation to the rest of Brazil.

The project also has the participation of other government agencies, such as the Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainable Development (Semad), Indi, the Institute for the Development of the North and Northeast of Minas Gerais (Idene) and Cemig.

Headquarters Assistant Secretary Fernando Passalio highlights the importance of the program and the need to diversify the economy. “We have the state with the best index of solar radiation and a government that generates confidence in businessmen, and Sol de Minas presents countless opportunities for the market.

Much of the volume of investments attracted to Minas Gerais is for the clean energy sector, generating opportunities for the North and Northeast regions. Investments from around the world are coming to our state. Good winds blow for our diversification of the economy and the generation of wealth in the state, ”he said.


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