PicPay starts charging emergency aid transfer and FGTS


Beneficiaries of emergency aid using PicPay were surprised by a new charge. The digital wallet started to charge a fee for transfers from Caixa Tem to the fintech application using Caixa’s virtual debit card.

Therefore, beneficiaries who prefer to transfer the funds received from the assistance and withdrawal from the Seniority Guarantee Fund (FGTS) directly to PicPay, now a discount of 1.99% is deducted from the transaction amount.

The collection started to happen after the movement of the fintechs Mercado Pago and Pagbank, which also allow the transfer by virtual debit card and which had already established fees for these transactions. However, the transfer to these digital accounts by means of a payment slip continues without the payment of fees.

PicPay users and other fintechs have complained about the amount of the fee charged for transferring the social benefit. If a beneficiary wants to transfer R $ 600 of emergency aid to PicPay or Mercado Pago, for example, almost R $ 12 is discounted.

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In a note, PicPay reported that, “given the emergency situation imposed by the pandemic, it offered free emergency assistance transactions for 5 months – both through Caixa’s debit card and by bank slip”.

Anticipation of emergency aid and FGTS without charge

The transfer of the resource through the issuance of slips in these applications and also in other digital banks, such as Original, Neon, Nubank and Inter, continues at no cost. Check out the step by step below:

  • Open the application of the digital bank or virtual wallet;
  • Choose the deposit option by boleto;
  • Generate a barcode billet in the amount you want to transfer;
  • Copy the barcode number;
  • Open the Caixa TEM application;
  • Select the ‘payments’ option. Paste the payment slip barcode number to pay and confirm.

After confirming the transfer, the beneficiary must wait up to 3 days for the money to fall into the digital account.


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