Pimpinha Jardim baptizes the child and the baby’s dress … it’s very special!


The reporter Pimpinha Jardim shared, on Instagram, some records of the christening of little Tomás.

This Saturday, the 17th, was a party for the family of Pimpinha Jardim: the youngest son of news reporter, Tomás, seven months old, was baptized.

On Instagram, Pimpinha Jardim shared some images of the event, which brought together her husband, Francisco Spínola, and their two oldest children, Francisco, aged ten, and Raul, aged six. Carolina Patrocínio and Gonçalo Uva were also present at the ceremony.

In one of the records published by Pimpinha Jardim, you can see the baby’s dress for the christening. “The dress belongs to the family and is 67 years old,” said the daughter of Cinha Jardim.

See, now, the images of the baby christening of Pimpinha Jardim, in the photo gallery we have prepared for you.


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