Pinto da Costa reveals Alex Telles’ argument to leave FC Porto


Carlos Gouveia / André Morais


President of FC Porto in an interview with TVI.

Were you satisfied with the sale of Alex Telles? “I am never satisfied when a good player leaves, I don’t remember [que isso tenha acontecido]. Look, a big sale that I was disgusted with was the Hulk and it was a big deal. There are times when we have no other solution. A week before closing the market, he asked to leave because he wanted to go to Manchester. I tried not to, I tried to make up for it even if I stayed until the end of the year. But keeping a player who publicly assumes before me that he wants to leave … [não pode ficar]”.

Argument to leave FC Porto: “It wasn’t even a problem with Alex to negotiate. The argument for leaving is that the current coach of Brazil only called players from three / four championships. I tried to contradict even because he is currently in the selection.”

Defended a new economic model? “We have to have a balance between purchases and sales and have options”.

Is it possible on a big one in Portugal? “Yes. The issue is more profound. When you are removed from the Champions League or you can take the loss or sell the asset, as Benfica did. The coach himself assumed that he lost Rúben Dias because he did not go to the Champions League. we got the double and, valuing the squad, we made the transfers. Portuguese clubs are going to have great difficulty. Today in football, everywhere, when negotiating a players contract, whatever the value is “net, net”, net values. They want to know what they earn and the taxes are for clubs “.

Where’s the downside for the Portuguese? “If FC Porto pays a million to a player, he pays 1.4 million in taxes. In Turkey he only pays another million. In Germany, of the most paid sites, a million costs clubs 1.9 million.”


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