PL allows withdrawal of FGTS for home renovation and education expenses


Workers will be able to count on two more withdrawal possibilities from the Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS), this is because Bill 4457/20 authorizes the use of the money accumulated in the fund to pay for renovations in its own property or education expenses.

Currently, the text is being analyzed in the Chamber of Deputies, according to him, the funds can be used to pay the expenses with repairs to the home itself, as well as to pay tuition fees at any stage of education – from daycare to graduate school. – and also for the purchase of school supplies.

According to the author of the project, deputy Luiz Carlos Motta (PL-SP), “There is no justification for preventing the use of part of the FGTS to assist workers or their dependents in educational expenses, as well as school supplies […] Another looting situation that should be allowed is when the worker’s own home needs services for its maintenance, ”he said.

The proposed measures are not yet valid, as they need to pass a vote in the House, Senate and approval by President Jair Bolsonaro to take effect.

FGTS emergency withdrawal

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the federal government released the emergency FGTS, through which workers can withdraw from an active and inactive account the amount of up to a minimum wage, R $ 1,045. It is possible to make use of the money through the Caixa Tem application, pay bills, bills and make purchases, or withdraw at a Caixa branch by means of an identification document.

The funds will be available in the account until November 30, if they are not redeemed, the money goes back to the worker’s fund and can be withdrawn only in the cases indicated below:

Can I withdraw FGTS in cases?

Today, the worker can withdraw money from FGTS accounts, whether they are active or inactive (current and previous jobs) only in case of dismissal without cause; retirement; closing of the company; payment of housing financing; death of the worker; age over 70 years; diagnosis of serious illness; among others.

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