Player recreates classic Super Mario levels as skateboards


Even though it was a chaotic year, 2020 delivered several sensational things in the world of games. In September, for example, we had the incredible Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 e Super Mario 3D All Stars, two titles to activate our nostalgia at the most. But already imagined a combination of the two?

In the best style of Animal Crossing and Doom mashups, which happened at the beginning of the year due to the launch of games on the same day, the @gunderstank16 decided to join Super Mario with Tony Hawk’s – and it was really cool (via CB)!

The player used the lead creation tool Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 to build levels inspired by classic levels of the Super Mario franchise.

On his twitter, he showed the result of his recreation of “Bomb-omb Battlefield”, From Super Mario 64, and from“Isle Delfino”By Super Mario Sunshine. To get in the mood, he put his skateboarder in the classic plumber’s costume and the video even has a special soundtrack.

Check out the creations of @gunderstank below:

What do you think? Let’s do some tricks at Bowser’s castle? Don’t forget to comment!

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