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One of the good surprises of the PlayStation 5 is its new controller, the DualSense, which has gained a more anatomical shape and interesting features, such as the new damping on the buttons and the built-in microphone. But something that will make some players very happy is the fact that it can also be used on PC and Android smartphones. That’s because the controller is equipped with Bluetooth technology, something that is “new” for Sony video game controls.

We put the “novelty” because DualShock 4 was also compatible with this technology, even though few people knew about it. Anyway, DualSense will expand its use to other platforms and don’t be surprised to see many people playing the Xbox Series X games that are released for PC with the competitor’s control.

That’s what youtuber Austin Evans did, who was one of the members of the international press who received a copy of the PlayStation 5 for testing. The content producer was able to use the peripheral on the PC and also on xCloud without any problems, with the exception of features that are exclusive to the Xbox controls, such as the tactile feedback of the triggers.

The PlayStation 5 is pre-sold in Brazil in its two versions. The traditional one, for R $ 4999, and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, for R $ 4499. Its official launch is scheduled for November 19th.

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