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The police have mapped 122 places, but none of them have given any answers. Tips on where Anne-Elisabeth Hagen is located have flowed in from both Norway and abroad. But the phone rings less and less often.

No one has forgotten the case of the woman from Lørenskog who disappeared from her home on a cool autumn day in 2018. The search is still intense – both for her and answers to what may have happened in Sloraveien 4 on 31 October 2018.

Dagbladet is aware that the search for the missing billionaire wife has been singled out as a separate project by the police since the beginning. In the beginning, the group worked with mapping places on the basis that they were facing an abduction case.

Since then, the situation has changed. Now those in the project are working to search for a presumed dead person.

– Everything suggests more involved

Expertise from abroad

The searches for Anne-Elisabeth have consisted of both technical and tactical searches. Everything from different environments in Norway and abroad to a number of interrogations and investigations of possible ways she may have been transported away have been reviewed.

Physical searches have been carried out both at specific addresses and elsewhere, sources tell Dagbladet.

MYSTERIOUS CAR: Eastern police district is looking for a car that was driving near Hagen’s home in Sloraveien the day Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappeared. Video: Police
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While the family’s only wish is to get her home, the police are looking for perpetrators in full. However, they assure that in parallel there is also an active search for what they believe is a murder victim.

People with professional expertise in searching for missing persons have been brought in and are assisting. The police will not reveal who this is, other than that it is about people who have experience in finding people who are missing.

– In the work of searching for Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, the police have consulted expertise both nationally and internationally. Specifically, it is a matter of expertise in abduction cases, says police inspector Agnes Beate Hemiø.

Judgment without corpse

As Dagbladet has previously mentioned, there were inquiries from witnesses both in Norway and abroad long after the disappearance. Observations that did not come from clairvoyants or others who claimed to have supernatural abilities, but from ordinary people. People who claimed they had seen the missing woman alive

Says they've seen her

Says they’ve seen her

Over 700 days after the disappearance, however, the police’s main hypothesis is different.

– We believe the house is the scene of a criminal act, and that the greatest probability is that Anne-Elisabeth Hagen was killed, Hemiø says.

Two years after the then 68-year-old woman disappeared, searches are still carried out when tips and information come in. Despite extensive use of resources to find the missing person, the police do not believe that it is a crucial piece in the case that she is found.

– We believe it is possible to get someone convicted in this case without finding a body, and we are not dependent on finding Anne-Elisabeth to get it, but it is clear it is much more difficult, says police inspector Hemiø.

KIDNAPPED?: The Hagen family maintains that Anne-Elisabeth has been kidnapped, while the police believe she was killed in the home in Sloraveien on 31 October 2018. Photo: NTB Scanpix / Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet
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– Very central

In the last 20 years, there have been a total of nine murder cases in Norway where the body of the victim has not been found. Very few cases end up in court without the deceased being found.

The murder of Ann-Helen Karlsen in 2005 is one of the few cases in this country where someone has been convicted of murder without the body being found.

The statement that the police are not dependent on finding Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, makes her assistance lawyer, Gard Lier, react.

– As this case stands in terms of evidence, I think that one does not have enough evidence for an indictment as of today. My point is therefore that finding Anne-Elisabeth will be important to be able to take the case to court, says Lier, and adds:

– From my side as an assistance lawyer for Anne-Elisabeth, it seems very important to find her. And I hope the police do everything they can to make it happen.

NO ANSWER: On 31 October 2018, Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappeared from her home at Fjellhamar in Lørenskog. Will we ever know what happened to the wife of one of Norway’s richest men? Reporter: Audun Hageskal. Video: Kristoffer Løkås / Lars Eivind Bones
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Husband and billionaire, Tom Hagen, still has the status of being charged with murder or complicity in the murder of his own wife. At the same time, a man in his 30s is charged with complicity in abduction. Both deny criminal guilt.

Lier believes it will be very important to find the missing person in order to be able to come to an indictment in the case at all – regardless of what has happened and who may be behind it.

– The status is that the police do not have enough to bring charges, and then they have to move on in a way. I think it will be very important to find Anne-Elisabeth. Technically, it is not necessary to find the person who was killed, but the time you are far away from solving the case, it will be a very important step forward, says the assistance lawyer.


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