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SYMBOL: The murder of Breonna Taylor, here portrayed on a mural in her hometown of Louisville, has received much attention in connection with the Black Lives Matter movement. Foto: Darron Cummings / AP

One of the police officers involved in the operation in which 26-year-old Breonna Taylor was shot and killed, demands redress from the dead woman’s boyfriend.

Breonna Taylor was killed in her own home in Louisville on March 13 this year, after three police officers slammed the door to carry out a drug raid on her apartment.

The case has caused a stir around the world, and superstars such as George Clooney, Jessica Alba, Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Beyoncé and Dan Levy have come out strongly and criticized the police.

Now American People and a number of other media write that police officer Jonathan Mattingly has filed a civil lawsuit against Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor’s girlfriend.

Trauma and anxiety

Mattingly claims in the lawsuit, which the magazine has had access to, that he was subjected to very fatal trauma, stress and anxiety disorders as a result of “violent and threatening behavior” from Walker during the fatal night.

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THE BOYFRIEND: Lawyer Benjamin Crump (left) and Breonna Taylor’s girlfriend, Kenneth Walker, during an appeal in Kentucky in June. Photo: Timothy D. Easley / AP

The policeman’s lawsuit must endure much resistance on Twitter, where many write that they are upset that he considers himself a victim in the case.

The background for the police action was that the police wanted to search the home because they suspected that there were drug sales there. Walker has explained that he and Taylor thought it was Taylor’s ex-boyfriend who tried to break in.

Walker therefore fired one shot at the door. He hit Mattingly in the thigh.

The police then responded by firing several shots into the apartment. Several of them hit and killed Taylor, who was lying in bed.

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Walker was charged with attempted murder and assault, but the charges were later dropped. Two months ago, Walker sued police and the city. He demands immunity for his actions with the claim that he used his right to “stand your ground”, ie protect himself in his own home.

Mattingly’s claim for redress is thus a counterclaim to Walker’s action. Walker’s lawyers have not commented on the latest developments in the case.

In the wake of the murder of Breonna Taylor, there have been massive demonstrations in her hometown and other American cities.

Only one policeman was fired after the operation. In September, six months after the murder, the indictment came. The policeman is accused of putting her neighbors in danger – but no one is charged with murder.

Fury after Breonna Taylor indictment: – Discouraged and shattered

The decision, which was made by a grand jury in Kentucky, has led to new, large-scale protests in several places in the United States – especially in the streets of Breonna Taylor’s hometown.

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Breonna Taylor’s broken family has, after the indictment became known, demanded to have all the court documents handed over.

Suspected ex

It must have been the suspicion against Taylor’s ex-girlfriend, a convicted drug dealer, that led the police to the apartment that evening. Police suspected he was sending drugs to Taylor’s apartment, but no drugs were found at the scene.

Breonna herself worked as an ambulance worker, and she planned to become a nurse.

Background: Hatred, violence and racism – that’s how the United States became a powder keg

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