Police strangle a nurse with whom she had an affair after she sent a message to the woman – World


A policeman from Dorset, England, strangled his lover in a car park after discovering that she, Claire, had sent a message to the woman’s cell phone.

Timothy Brehmer is charged with murder. The crime took place in May in a bar parking lot after an argument between the police and the nurse with whom he had an affair for more than 10 years.

Days before the crime, Claire had begun to believe that her marriage to another policeman was coming to an end as well as her relationship with Timothy. After a Facebook search, the victim found that the lover had had more love affairs than himself.

According to the newspaper Mirror, the victim has decided to contact Timothy’s wife, also a police officer. “Dear Martha, what I am going to say will probably come as no surprise to you, I think you have always suspected, but you have tried to ignore it. It is not easy to say this, but simply your husband is a womanizer,” wrote Claire to Timothy’s wife, Martha .

The policeman, upon discovering, strangled Claire with such force that it broke her neck. Judgment takes place in court of Justice in Salisbury, England.


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