Policeman uses stun gun and arrests unmasked passenger on plane; watch – World


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Woman is removed with stun gun because she is not wearing a mask

A passenger on a Spirit Airlanes flight had to be immobilized with a shock weapon
by the police for refuse to wear a mask
inside the plane – mandatory protocol to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The incident occurred on a flight that had just landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico
, coming from Newark, New Jersey, in the United States, and caused confusion inside the aircraft.

Through the images, it is possible to notice that the woman, identified as Nyasy Veronique Payne, yells at a man in a white T-shirt and then punches other passengers.

The police were called in to contain the most excited passengers. The moment was recorded by passengers who shared the scenes on social networks.

According to the publication of Daily Mail
, the police say that Nyasy
“caused an incident by acting in what the witnesses called aggressive, hostile and defiant behavior”.

Another passenger on the aircraft claims that a group of men ‘started shouting homophobic and racial slanders’ at her and her companions. One of the men reportedly landed the first punch, which was not captured by the camera.

Nyasy Veronique Payne Faith the press
by the Puerto Rico police and taken off the plane.


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