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A delegation from Ponte Preta met with the City of Campinas on Thursday (15) to present the changes made to the construction project for the new Macaca arena compared to what had been proposed last year.

The president of the Bridge, Sebastião Arcanjo, the president of honor, Sérgio Carnielli, the counselor Eduardo Lacerda and the architect Oswaldo Angelucci, responsible for the proposal, participated in the meeting. They were received by the Secretary of Planning and Urbanism of Campinas, Carlos Augusto Santoro.

The new proposal for the construction of the Arena da Ponte received a green light from the club’s Deliberative Council in a meeting held on September 19 to go ahead in negotiations and must be carried out in partnership with WTorre.

Project to build the Ponte Preta arena – Photo: Disclosure Ponte Preta

– With the Deliberative Council granting an endorsement for the sequence of works, we presented to the City Hall technical details of the project and shared information about the progress of negotiations with WTorre. The moment is to share information, listen to the authorities and thus consolidate all the negotiations to take this important step in the project – said Lacerda.

The project foresees an investment of R $ 250 million, coming entirely from the private sector. The expectation is that the work will be carried out in two years after the funds are raised. The construction would take place where the Jardim Eulina CT works today.

Now new meetings with other sectors of the Executive are to be scheduled. The expectation of the direction of the Bridge will approve the construction this year.

The new arena would have capacity for more than 21 thousand people, with all sectors covered and with individual seats, with 50 cabins, lounges, press area, 18 food areas, parking and an event space for more than 6 thousand people.

With the investment and management of the work, WTorre would be responsible for the management of the arena for a term of 30 to 35 years, but this period can be reduced according to transfers made by Ponte.

The club keeps 100% of the box office and the partner-fan plan, while the company keeps the sponsorship revenues from the arena, cabins, chairs, leases. The company also bears the cost of maintaining the arena.

The construction of the new arena would not interfere with the other assets of Ponte Preta, among them the Moisés Lucarelli Stadium, the Majestic.

Project to build the Ponte Preta arena – Photo: Disclosure Ponte Preta


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