Popular border trade shop with mass redundancies: – A black day


Gottebiten, which has stores at Nordby Shoppingcenter and Svinesund, among other things, sent notice of termination to 80 of its employees on Tuesday.

It reports Strömstads tidning.

– We have no customers

Gottebiten’s chief operating officer, Mats Idbratt, describes the whole thing as “terrible”.

– Yesterday was a black day in the company’s history, he says to Børsen.

An employee who lost his job tells the Swedish newspaper that it is “very sad”, but that it was expected.

– We knew this was coming. We have no customers, it has been empty since March. If there are no customers, you can not have any employees, so I understand that they do this even if it feels difficult, says the employee, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Affects Norwegians

According to Strömstad’s newspaper, more than 95 percent of Gottebiten’s customers are Norwegians at cross – border trade. The corona pandemic is of course the backdrop to the fact that customers have been absent for the last seven months. Before the pandemic, the company had 500 employees.

Idbratt says that several of the dismissals affect Norwegians who work in the shops at the border.

Gottebiten has a turnover of 1.3 billion a year, according to NTB.


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