Porchat is looking forward to debut on Globo and reveals that he had a guest who lied


Originally aired on GNT, ‘What’s this, Porchat?’ finally arrives at Open TV in 10 episodes

Fernanda Torres “totally drugged” at Altas Horas. Claudia Raia and a “magic formula” in Xingu that earned her a punch. Chay Suede in alien version of lycra. And Cauã Reymond and his adventures with a goldfish in childhood.

These and other curious, funny and surprising reports from famous and anonymous people will be shown starting this Thursday (15th), in the “Que História É Essa, Porchat?”, Which reaches Globo. Creator and presenter, Fabio Porchat, 37, says he is looking forward to the premiere on open TV after the attraction was successful at GNT and won the award for best TV program of 2019 from APCA (São Paulo Association of Art Critics).

His desire is to follow a path similar to that of Tatá Werneck and his talk show “Lady Night”, which after being successful at Multishow, went to Globo and won a good audience. The presenter and comedian inherits the same schedule as his colleague: Thursday nights.

“People stop me on the street today to talk about the program that happens on GNT, imagine the cannon that is Globo – these stories will reach an even larger audience. And, in the end, I believe that people are in need of a light program, relaxed, quiet, without controversy, to get a good, light sleep “, he says.

In principle, the idea is that 10 of the 20 episodes of the show’s first season will be broadcast. The selection was made by Globo, according to Porchat. “They know [a direção da emissora] the programs with the most potential for success, the characters and stories that work the most, “he says.

Porchat adds that, since it aired at a very late time (around midnight, after The Voice Brasil, which also opens this Thursday), profanity or reports involving the consumption of alcoholic beverages said by the attraction’s participants were not a problem. “You see from Lady Night that there was a lot of fun and spicy stuff.”

Since the program started to generate great repercussions and some of the reports went viral on social networks, the presenter says that many celebrities and anonymous people came to him with the desire to participate in the production.

“A great example is Fafá de Belém, who called me one day and said: ‘Fábio, I’m loving your program, I want to participate and I even have a story to tell’,” he recalls. The singer was the first guest of the premiere of the second season of “Que História É Essa Porchat?”, Currently on show at GNT – and became totally virtual because of the pandemic.

Presenter Xuxa was another who has already told the comedian that she wants to be part of the attraction to tell something new. “That’s how I like it,” he points out. It just isn’t worth, says Porchat, to lie or tell something lived by someone else. What has already happened, reveals the comedian, without surrendering, however, the author of the adventure.

“I already knew that there were people who told invented stories, from someone else, but only learned later. In general, we believe that people are telling personal stories. What we ask is not to tell stories from third parties, even if they say, ‘oh, this story happened to my aunt’, because it’s cooler when it happened to the person. “

According to him, increasing the report a little is not a problem, inventing is not possible. “I will not be inelegant, as my friend Sandra Annenberg would say, but there were people, yes, and the public knows [quem foi]. “He also says that he became a kind of” hunter “of good reports.” Anyone I meet already says: ‘You don’t have a story? Tell a story, tell me about your stories. “

Among his dreams of participating in “Que História É Essa” are journalists Pedro Bial and William Bonner, presenter Faustão and singer Roberto Carlos. “People we do not imagine that tell different stories or at least stories that they have never told before. And Roberto Carlos, one day I will.”

Porchat comments that, at the beginning of the project, there were many doubts as to whether the program would work, in a format with only stories, without games, news, or reality show pictures. “When I did a talk show [o Programa do Porchat, na Record] it was me due to a format, so to create this program I thought: what do I know how to do well? Improvise, tell stories, listen to people and make their stories potential. I decided to create a format that would be in my favor and that is a great differential “, he says.

Therefore, although the interventions he makes during the attraction are improvised, Porchat says that he already knows in advance everything that will be told. The idea is to help make all reports clear and well received. “I am a facilitator, I stay there for the person to tell the story in the best way and as clearly as possible, because sometimes it is clear in the person’s head, but not to the audience, so I ask questions, and put myself in the audience’s position . “

And if you were invited to your own show, what story would you tell, Porchat? Some involving a trip, he says. “Or the stomach ache I had in Ethiopia, or even the trance I got into Japan, or my diving with sharks in South Africa,” he anticipates.

For now, his biggest goal is to see the attraction solidify at Globo. “It would be incredible to have a program with my face, in my own way, with what I know how to do best, working in the audience of open TV”, he concludes.


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