Portugal is one of the European countries where less time is lost on the journey to work – Transport


In 2019, the Portuguese spent 21 minutes on their daily commuting. In comparison with the other members of the European Union (EU), Portugal is one of the countries where less time is spent on travel, according to the Eurostat study.

More than half of EU workers (61.3%) spent less than 30 minutes in 2019 commuting in 2019. One in four (26.3%) traveled between 30 to 59 minutes, while less than one in ten (8.1%) spent more than 60 minutes on their trips.

At Member State level, three out of four people employed in Greece (75.8%) and Cyprus (75.5%) spent less than 30 minutes daily on their travels. In contrast, only about half of the employed population in Luxembourg (49.4%) and Latvia (44.9%) were in this situation. These last two countries had the highest percentages of employed persons with a travel time of 30 to 59 minutes. The most lasting displacements were observed in Latvia (13.5%), Ireland (11.2%), Belgium (10.7%) and Hungary (10.6%), where more than 10% of the employed population lost more than an hour from home to work.

Of the individuals employed in 2019, only 4.3% did not need to travel to the workplace, a figure that with Covid-19 and the implementation of telework will undergo a drastic change later this year, according to Eurostat data.

Portugal is one of the countries in the European Union that travel faster in terms of work. The Italians clock the same time as the Portuguese, however there are those who are even faster two minutes: Cyprus. On the other hand, in countries such as Latvia, Hungary and Luxembourg the travel time is higher than the European average and exceeds half an hour of travel.


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