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For many years being the darling of Brazilians, the Motorola Moto G mobile phone family gained several new features in 2020 with the Moto G9 Play and Moto G9 Plus models. Highlighting long-life batteries, more storage space and performance that exceeds expectations, the company’s two smartphones have become even better options in their respective categories.

In the creative process of both models, Motorola wanted to bring maximum benefits to its customers, but still maintaining the price range that made the Moto G line so popular in the country. Thus, those looking for a balanced option in the mobile market find in Moto G9 Play and G9 Plus a good relationship between the money invested and the added benefits. Find out more about them in this article!

Getting to know the Moto G9 Plus

(Image: Disclosure / Motorola)

Those looking for power, a big screen, lots of battery and storage space, as well as a good camera with night mode, will not be disappointed with the Moto G9 Plus. This new improved version of the Plus line brings several of the best components available in the category and does not look bad when put to the test.

Right away, we notice that the display is one of the great highlights of the device. If you watch a lot of videos, like to play games or do other activities that require larger displays, you will find the Moto G9 Plus one of the best options available in this price range, since the 6.8-inch Max Vision screen has the size perfect for consuming content, as well as ensuring optimum contrast reproduction with HDR10 technology.

With these features, it is excellent for viewing photos captured with the set of quad cameras built into the G9 Plus, which includes a powerful 64 megapixel sensor, which allows exemplary quality in different photography segments, such as ultrawide – capable of frame up to four times more detail than a conventional smartphone camera -, macro shots to capture close-up objects and Nigth Vision mode for impressive clicks at night.

(Image: Disclosure / Motorola)

But the experience doesn’t end when the photo is captured. You can edit your images on the Moto G9 Plus, adding improvements like Color Highlight or creating something completely new with the Cinemagraph function, which leaves part of the photo in motion.

All of these experiences were designed so that you can tell your stories and share them with friends easily and quickly. That’s why Moto G9 Plus cameras have an artificial intelligence that automatically selects the correct mode to guarantee the closest result to perfection. It can also improve the composition and generate an alternative version of that image, leaving you in control to choose the result that best suits your taste.

Power and battery to spare

With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, this is the most powerful Moto G ever created, bringing the best experience of the line when playing or running multiple applications at the same time, and combined with 128 GB of storage, you will have plenty of space for new games and immersive smartphone experiences.

But all that power would be nothing without an equivalent battery. The Moto G9 Plus has a 5000 mAh super battery that reaches an impressive 48 hours in length, have you ever thought about spending the entire weekend away from an outlet? This is possible with the new Moto G9 Plus, which also features TurboPower 30 W charging to ensure hours of battery life with just a few minutes of charge.

All of this is equipped with Android 10, coupled with Motorola’s famous “clean” interface, which brings integration with Google Assistant to control the phone by voice and incredibly practical navigation gestures. Want to open the camera? Just turn the device twice, for example. Never lose track of a moment again because it took too long to open the phone’s camera!

Moto G9 Plus highlights

  • 64 MP Quad Camera and Night Vision
  • 128 GB internal storage
  • 5000 mAh super battery and 30 W TurboPower charging
  • 57% more performance with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon 730G processor
  • The largest screen in its category with HDR10

Getting to know the Moto G9 Play

(Image: Disclosure / Motorola)

In yet another redesign that promises to change the positioning of new phones in the Brazilian market, the Moto G9 Play has received many improvements to deliver everything you are looking for in a modern phone.

Bringing great advantages of more expensive models to an affordable price range, it stands out for its triple set of cameras with 48 megapixel sensor, also allowing you to take advantage of innovations such as macro photography and Night Vision technology, so that the photos taken at come out very well lit at night.

(Image: Disclosure / Motorola)

With a new dedicated depth sensor, it is possible to take pictures in portrait mode, an effect that blurs the background and gives more emphasis to the person or object present in the image. Artificial intelligence also works here, optimizing your photos to ensure that the correct mode is being used and recognizing possibilities for improvements automatically so you can leave with the best result without having to worry about the details. Just take the photo and enjoy.

Doing more than the basics

Forget the definition of basics to talk about this family of phones, the Moto G9 Play has firmly entered the field of middlemen by bringing features that are not often seen in this price range. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor works in conjunction with the 4 GB of RAM to ensure a responsive, fluid and worry-free experience, and you’ll see the result on the 6.5-inch Max Vision HD + screen. It has a larger aspect ratio of 20: 9, showing more content on the display.

The innovations also came to the battery, which brings fast charging TurboPower 20 W and a remarkable capacity of 5000 mAh to last up to two days away from the plug, just like its “big brother”. It was past time for someone to turn the practice of charging their cell phone every day into a thing of the past, enjoy this time with the Moto G9 Play.

Moto G9 Play highlights

  • High resolution on three cameras with 48 MP sensor
  • Close up details with Macro Camera + Night Vision
  • TurboPowerTM charging and superb battery for up to two days
  • 64 GB internal storage and 4 GB of RAM
  • More performance with Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor
(Image: Disclosure / Motorola)

You want, you have

The new Moto G9 family, comprised of the Moto G9 Plus and Moto G9 Play, brings everything you needed to enjoy all the best moments of life with a little help from technology. More powerful, with batteries that last up to two days, large screens and cameras ideal for any time, they came to help you walk your own path.

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