Pregnant, Camilla Camargo reveals her daughter’s name | Celebrity


Daughter of Zezé di Camargo and Zilu, Camilla Camargo is happy with her second pregnancy and told Gshow that she chose the name Julia for her first little girl with the one married to director Leonardo Lessa. Joaquim’s 1-year-old mother, in her fifth month of pregnancy, took advantage of the pandemic to reinvent herself and is preparing to launch a video channel on the internet that will address issues related to motherhood.

“My stepson said that name, Antônio. We liked it, I think the name is strong, as I don’t know Julia very much, we thought it would be nice and it matches Joaquim’s name. We really like the meaning, daughter of Jupiter, we liked both the meaning and the sound, strong name. ”

Pausing on screens due to the pandemic, she promises not to put her acting career aside. It even has new works to launch, such as the feature film “Intervention”, by the same screenwriter of “Tropa de Elite”.

Camilla Camargo with her son, Joaquim, 10 months old – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

On Instagram she wrote:

“When you least expect it, life comes with one more surprise. This surprise will fill your heart with love and gratitude. When I thought there was no more love inside me, I was overcome by a new wave of the purest love that exist”.

Wanessa, Camilla and son Joaquim – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Camilla Camargo is pregnant with her second child – Photo: Disclosure

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