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The “last ride”, as Santos himself defined when announcing Robinho, may have lasted less than a week.

Exactly six days after announcing the return of Robinho for his fourth visit to Vila Belmiro, Santos announced on Friday that he suspended the 36-year-old striker’s contract “so that the player can focus exclusively on his defense in the process that runs in Italy “.

Behind a short official note, a lot of pressure, a request from the athlete himself and just a “break”.

Friday at Vila Belmiro was busy. The publication in the give of the report “The recordings of the Robinho case in the Italian court:” The woman was completely drunk “”, which revealed clips and excerpts from the process in which Robinho was first convicted of sexual violence in Italy, fell like a bomb in Santos.

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Robinho trained at Santos during the week – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

Internally, the club, which knew about the conviction, but did not know the details of the process, started to discuss Robinho’s future. Without face-to-face meetings, leaders talked throughout the day to decide the best way forward.

Meanwhile, external pressure was increasing. On social media, fans responded to publications of Santos’ official profiles asking for Robinho’s contractual termination. In the Deliberative Council, the approval of the contract in a meeting that will be held on the 21st of the month started to be debated.

Advisers asked themselves, “Is it up to us to decide the future of the player?”

Sponsors, responsible for several of Santos’ sources of income, also began to charge Robinho’s contractual termination. The pressure then started to “hurt” in Peixe’s pocket, which, in a financial crisis, found itself against the wall in the face of threats. Internally, the club did not see the possibility of “luxury” of losing sponsors.

Brahma will not renew sponsorship to Santos if Robinho plays at the club – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

At the end of the afternoon, however, the initiative to seek Santos started to suggest the suspension of the contract. Not the termination. The Fish, then, met virtually to decide what he would do and accepted what was suggested by Robinho.

President Orlando Rollo and members of the Management Committee participated in the decision to suspend Robinho’s contract. On social networks, the player said he did not want to disturb Santos.

– With a lot of sadness in my heart, I come to tell you that I made the decision with the President to suspend my contract at this troubled time in my life. My goal has always been to help Santos Futebol Clube. If in any way I’m getting in the way, I better get out and focus on my personal stuff. For the fans of Peixão and those who like me, I will prove my innocence – said Robinho.

Robinho announces suspension of his contract with Santos

The attacker’s contract will be suspended at least until the Milan Court of Appeal starts analyzing the case, at the second instance, on December 10. If he is found innocent, Robinho can return to Santos.

For now, Robinho’s briefest stint at Santos ended. Before, he had been Brazilian champion (2002 and 2004), São Paulo (2010 and 2015) and the Brazilian Cup (2010). Now, the striker had to settle for training at CT Rei Pelé and the expectation of proving his innocence to return to the club.


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