Prime minister’s cleavage makes talking (and photographing) in Finland


The Prime Minister of Finland is at the center of a controversy that has nothing to do with her political decisions but with a cleavage.

Sanna Marin, 34, the youngest leader in a country, is in the spotlight after posing for a fashion magazine with a low-cut neckline. “Indecent” by critics.

The controversial photo of a “jewelery model”, as many have categorized, as opposed to what should be the pose of a prime minister in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic, has already given rise to a movement on social networks – #imwithsanna (I’m with Santa, in literal translation) – by support to the governor, with several anonymous people, but also some locally known faces, taking pictures with low-cut clothes and sharing those same images.

The photograph in question, which was taken at the official residence of the head of government, was published on October 9 and has over 1,500 comments and 27,000 likes. Sanna Marin wears a black blazer, wears a necklace and looks directly at the camera.

Sanna Marin does not have this image highlighted on her Instagram account, having shared the cover of the October magazine, to which she gave an intimate interview about her life and work, with the Prime Minister taking on the difficulties of a job that “leaves heavy marks” and forces “put emotions aside”.

The magazine itself has shared some of the photos that invaded social networks and considers it a manifestation of “women’s empowerment”, precisely the women that Sanna Marin represents, defends the publication.


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