Princess Leonor appears in public in high heels and Letizia breaks tradition with 16 years



Felipe VI’s eldest daughter from Spain is abandoning girlish looks and adopting a more adult style.

A year after debuting for the first time at the Princess of Asturias Awards ceremony, Princess Leonor, heir to the Spanish throne, returned to the spotlight in one of the most important events in the neighboring country.

The young woman, who will turn 15 on the 31st of this month, seems to be telling the world that she has grown up and to better mark her position she wore high heels for the first time, at least in public. The debut was on the 12th of October in Hispanity Day, but the shoes were discreet and the heel almost went unnoticed, unlike last Friday, the Princess of Asturias Awards, in Oviedo.

In the morning he wore black shoes, kitten heels style, a thin not too high heel, at the end of the day he opted for nude shoes, with the heel a little higher, which perfectly matched the blouse and skirt, both in style much more adult than you have used in the past.

Heels, Princess Leonor’s apparent new trend, not only help change the style of the heiress to the throne, they also blur the height difference she has in relation to her sister, Infanta Sofia, who is taller despite being two years older new.

Regarding the looks, the ceremony was also marked by the choice of Queen Letizia, who broke a 16-year-old tradition by choosing a dark blue Carolina Herrera dress and not a look by Felipe Varela, one of her creators of choice, who since 2006 debuted in Oviedo.


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