priority will be vaccine at a more advanced stage, says government


The executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, Elcio Franco, said on Thursday (15) that the portfolio follows the development of more than 200 vaccines in production around the world to combat covid-19.

“We are adhering to any vaccine development initiative that offers us safety, efficacy and that is ready beforehand, that is, in a shorter period, that has scale production in quantity to immunize the Brazilian population, to be included in the National Program Immunizations ”, he said.

According to Franco, no vaccine under study is discarded and the priority is in those in the most advanced stage of testing. Among the criteria of the folder for the acquisition is the safety of the vaccine, “effectiveness, production in the shortest term, production in scale that meets our needs and affordable price that is being practiced in the market”, he said.

In September, the government also announced an investment of R $ 2.5 billion for the country’s entry into the Covax Facility. Thus, it is hoped that the country will be able to purchase immunizers to guarantee the protection of 10% of the population by the end of 2021, which allows it to serve populations considered to be priorities.

“Regarding the Covax-Facility initiative, we still don’t have a schedule. We are monitoring all laboratories. But there is a forecast, a prognosis that we will have access to 40 million doses of vaccine during the first half of 2021 ”, explained Franco.

According to the folder schedule, the perspective is 100 million doses of the Oxford / AstraZeneca-Fiocruz vaccine in the first half of 2021 and another 110 million additional doses in the second half of 2012.

“A technological order has been placed, it is not an acquisition. This technological order will provide a staggering of about 100 million doses of vaccine and a transfer of technology to be absorbed by Fiocruz. This technology transfer will enable the production of the pharmaceutical ingredient or ingredient for the production of vaccines. This will happen in the month of April ”, detailed the secretary.

Oxford / AstraZeneca-Fiocruz Vaccine Project Schedule

Oxford / AstraZeneca-Fiocruz Vaccine Project Schedule – Ministry of Health


According to the balance sheet presented today, the government transferred R $ 29.7 billion to states and municipalities through extraordinary credit for actions to combat covid-19. Of this amount, R $ 9.8 billion went to states and R $ 19.9 to municipalities.

The agency’s managers present in the interview reported that 11,218 pulmonary ventilators have so far been delivered.

The portfolio has already enabled 15,144 ICU beds in states and municipalities, of which 8,827 have been extended exclusively to covid-19. For this, R $ 2.6 billion were transferred. The habilitation is a part of the cost of maintaining this structure, while the local secretariats must cover the professionals and other types of expenses.

1,371 ventilatory support beds were also enabled for covid-19, which are considered intermediate structures for patient care, with fewer resources than ICU beds.

In total, 281.2 million units of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) were delivered. In addition, 24 million units of medicines were distributed.

The balance of the tests so far has had 6.5 million RT-PCR (laboratory) kits distributed to states and municipalities and 3.3 million analyzed. Considering the rapid tests (serological), 8 million were passed on and 7.5 million were performed.

The balance of tests has so far had 7.6 million RT-PCR (laboratory) kits distributed to states and municipalities and 4.4 million analyzed. According to the folder, including serological tests and rapid tests (antibody and antigen), more than 17 million tests were carried out.

However, it is worth remembering that only laboratory tests serve for a faithful diagnosis of the infection, while rapid tests contribute to assess the evolution of the pandemic in the places and whether the individual has already caught the disease.

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