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LEADERS THE TV BROADCAST: Robert Stoltenberg, Ingrid Gjessing Linhave and Mikkel Niva in connection with the TV campaign 2020. Photo: BENJAMIN A. WARD

Corona trouble, municipal boycott, tipping trouble and splice trouble.

There has been great excitement about how much this year’s campaign for income for WWF (Vedens Naturfond) will raise. There have been many challenges. Not only has the corona situation meant that no one has been visited by gay men.

The action has been controversial, and according to WWF, 32 municipalities have said they will not show up.

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Vipps had problems at the start of the TV broadcast early tonight. But now everything works as it should, press contact Hanne Kjærnes informs.

Spleis has had problems with Vipps on Sunday night.

– We have had problems in the beginning with payment against Vipps, but everything works as it should now, says general manager of splice, Bjørn Kjetil Hellestræ to VG 21.45

There has been great excitement about how much this year’s campaign for income for WWF will raise. By 6 pm, NOK 45 million had just been received for this year’s TV campaign. Three hours later, this number had reached 46.5 million. Shortly afterwards, the same number had reached 94 million.

The Vipps stunt during the broadcast from the TV campaign on NRK just over kl. 21.00 resulted in 1.5 million kroner being tipped in for the TV campaign in a few minutes.

A new country overview at 10 pm showed that NOK 135 million has been received.

There is still a long way to go for WWF to 240.5 million who came to Care last year.

– It is a completely different year, a completely different type of action. We do not want to compare ourselves with previous actions. Something we have learned from 2020 is that not everything should go our way. But luckily the payment problems are solved. When it comes to the 32 municipalities, we just have to respect their position. If it has any effect on the result, we can not say anything until we have entered the figures. But the biggest impact on the result is that we have not been able to knock on all the doors as the TV campaign usually does, says press officer Julie Wentzel Frøland in WWF to VG.

– And she adds. In any case, we can now rejoice that we have so far NOK 135 million for a very important work to combat plastic waste in Southeast Asia

On Sunday evening, Prime Minister Erna Solberg shared a picture from Runde fuglefjell in Herøy which shows a bird’s nest built of plastic.

“It exemplifies well how plastic in the sea destroys and kills nature. We can not accept that », tweets Solberg, who encourages people to support WWF.

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