Producer talks more about Jensen Ackles and relationship between Soldier Boy and Captain Motherland


Recently, the showrunner and executive producer of The Boys, Eric Kripke did a live in which he talked a lot about what fans can expect from the third season of The Boys (via Comic Book), which has already started to be written. He talked a lot about the character of Jensen Ackles in the series, the Soldier Boy, and what can we expect from him.

The character is a version of the universe of the series and the comics of captain America from Marvel, only with a lot more “sex, violence and curses”, according to the producer.

“I can’t say much about Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles, except that he’s going to curse a lot and do a lot of filthy things. It may or may not have some sex involved, and he’s been around since World War II, so he’s kind of like this pillar of Vought and then through it, we’ll see Vought through the decades. But I will keep the call that there will be sex, violence and curses ”.

When talking about what the relationship of the Soldier Boy as Captain Motherland, Kripke made it clear that it will not be a friendly relationship:

“Captain Homeland will feel threatened by him. Soldier Boy is very close to Captain Homeland in power and was basically Captain Homeland before Captain Homeland and for a much longer period of time. So I think he’s really threatened, not just because of his shape, but also because Soldier Boy is a big celebrity in part of America. ”

Certainly the Captain Motherland will continue to have problems within the Seven and yes Vought when the new season begins.

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