Professor is beheaded in France and Macron talks about terrorism: what is known so far


Photo caption,

Knife attack happened near a school in the commune of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine

A teacher was beheaded in a suburb northwest of the French capital, Paris, on Friday afternoon. Then the perpetrator of the attack was shot dead by the police.

The attack took place around 5 pm local time (noon in Brasilia) near a school in the municipality of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.

There are reports that the victim, who taught history and geography, had recently shown cartoons satirizing the Prophet Muhammad to his students. Therefore, the case is being investigated by an anti-terrorism prosecutor.

A man wielding a large knife would have attacked the professor in a street, cutting off his head. The attacker then fled, but the local police, driven by the population, quickly arrived at the place of the attack in the Éragny area. The agents would have ordered the man to surrender but the man, in reacting, would have been shot. The crime scene is now isolated.


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