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A The Minister of Health informed the country yesterday that more hospital admissions are expected than the number registered in the first wave of the Covid-19, detailing that it is expected that 4th of November the country reaches the 2,654 hospitalized in infirmary and 444 in Intensive Care Units. “Day 4 brings a scenario of great complexity”stressed

The epidemiological situation in Portugal “is complex and serious”, summed up Marta Temido, appealing to citizens to fulfill their role.

The President of the Republic has already promulgated the mandatory use of a mask on the street for 70 days, whenever it is not possible to comply with the distancing rules, pending the publication of the law in Diário da República.

In Portugal, the SARSThe-2 infetou so far 121,133 people, causing 2,343 deaths. Worldwide, the pandemic has already caused more than 1.1 million deaths and over 43 million cases of infection.

See the evolution maps pandemic of the new coronavirus in Portugal and no World.

Follow HERE THE MINUTE the latest developments on the Covid-19 in Portugal and in the World:

9h20 – Paços de Ferreira, Lousada and Felgueiras: Or number of cases active of infection for the new coronavirus in Paços de Ferreira 41.5% in one week, in Lousada the increase is 36.3% and in Felgueiras 24.1%, according to Monday’s epidemiological bulletin. In these three counties, remember, the Government has applied more restrictive measures, namely the duty to remain at home and the closing of commercial establishments at 10 pm.

8h45 – Circulation between municipalities: The ban on traveling between municipalities was brought forward by 18 hours. According to the resolution of the Council of Ministers, published in Diário da República, it will not be possible to circulate from 00:00 on 30 October and until 6:00 am on 3 November. The previous hour was 11:59 pm on Tuesday, the 3rd.

Who has tickets to attend shows, it should be stressed, can move between municipalities on these dates, as long as the movement takes place between municipalities bordering the one of the usual residence or in the same Area Metropolitan and equipped with respective ticket. Know this and others exceptions, in detail, here.

8h40 – Stayway Covid: The contact tracking application StayAway Covid already had more than 2.4 million ‘downloads’, said Minister Marta Temido.

8h35 – Isolation: A DGS is reviewing the rule on the isolation period prophylactic, with quarantine being possible for people who were close to infected like New coronavirus stop being 14 days. “Science at this point is beginning to give indications about what the maximum days are, how far people are likely to incubate the virus, may be infected and can transmit “, said Graça Freitas at yesterday’s conference.

8h25 – Capacity SNS: THE SNS has a total of 19,778 beds, 17,741 of them aimed at patients Covid-19 in general hospitals, said the Minister of Health at yesterday’s conference. However, in a peak situation, guaranteed Marta Temido, the number of beds in the SNS for sick Covid-19 may reach 18,077 and, “in an extreme situation”, there may even be a transfer of patients to the private sector.

“We must preserve the responsiveness of our hospitals. We are prepared to refer users who have no response in the SNS To the sector private and social “, said the minister, stressing that “none SNS it’s elastic “.

8h15 – Bed occupancy rate: The Hospital de Santo António registered this Monday an occupancy rate of beds dedicated to the covid-19 of 93.3% in the infirmary and 72.7% in intensive care. As of yesterday, according to a source at this hospital, there were 100 inpatients with infection for the new coronavirus, 16 of which in intensive care.

8h00 – The main outbreaks active in Portugal:

  • Vila Viçosa: The outbreak associated with valences at Santa Casa da Misericórdia caused three deaths, according to the latest update. The total infected related to this outbreak is already around 100 people, including 45 users e 10 employees. The transfer of the elderly infected is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday.
  • Loaded: Outbreak at the cerfriendly Geberit counts 56 infected of a universe of 400 workers. Infected They are asymptomatic and the health authority investigates the source of the outbreak. The factory continues to operate.
  • Trofa: Outbreak at home registers 21 users infected and 18 professionals with positive test for the new coronavirus. On Saturday, a 95 year old man, who was infected, died.
  • Vila Flor: An outbreak of infection for the new coronavirus in Vila Flor, in the Bragança district, accounts for almost half a hundred cases, most of which in the Continuing Care Unit and in the Chambertimes Municipal.
  • Santarém Hospital: According to the last balance sheet, there are 45 professionals infected and 64 in isolation. Some of the professionals are expected to start returning to work after completing the quarantine period. The hospital has already resumed care for urgent pregnant women, as SARSThe-2 performed on Sunday to 90 professionals, including seven anesthetists who had been in contact with a colleague infected, had a negative result.

7h40 – Infected no INEM: There is nine professionals from INEM infected with Covid-19. Another 18 employees are in isolation prophylactic.

7h35 – Developments in Germany: Robert Koch Institute revealed on Monday that 11,409 new cases of Covid-19 and 42 people died in 24 hours in Germany.

7h30 – Situation in the Philippines: The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, announced today that the quarantine in Manila, with one of the longest and most rigorous confinements in the world, will be extended for another month, until 30 November

7h25 – Developments in China: A China Health Commission announced today that 16 cases of covid-19, in the last 24 hours, all from abroad, in addition to 50 cases asymptomatic, of which more than half are local

7h20- Evolution in Mexico: THE Mexico recorded 247 deaths and 4,166 infected like New coronavirus in the past 24 hours, officials said. The total number of Deaths increased to 89,171 and contagion to 895,326 since the beginning of pandemic.

7h15- Situation in Argentina: Less restrictions in the capital and confinement in more severe areas. THE Argentina this week extended measures to combat pandemic of covid-19 in the most affected country, while reopening in the capital continues, where cases have been decreasing.

7h10 – USA: Clinical trial of antibody treatment canceled for ineffectiveness US authorities would decide to cancel a clinical trial of an experimental antibody treatment that was being administered to hospitalized patients with covid-19, justifying that the drug was not effective in the recovery of patients.

7h05 – Evolution in USA: The United States registered 461 deaths covid-19 in the last 24 hours, according to the Johns Hopkins University independent count. With this balance, the country reached 225,676 Deaths, with more than 8.6 million confirmed cases since the beginning of pandemic, after 64,536 infections were identified in the last 24 hours.

7h00 – Good Morning! Here we begin the MINUTE monitoring of the pandemic in the country and in the world. If you want to recall yesterday’s events, you can do-lo here.

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