Projects allow FGTS withdrawal for use in education and health


THE Guarantee Fund for Length of Service (FGTS) may change soon. It turns out that the Federal Senate analyzes proposals that change the FGTS rules to, among other objectives, release withdrawals for use in education and health.

One of the proposals foresees the withdrawal of the account balance at 60 years of age. The proposal is from Senator Rose de Freitas (Pode-ES).

In addition, another project, by Senador Romário (Pode-RJ) opens up more possibilities for withdrawals from the FGTS for health reasons: disabling or rare disease; need for permanent or high-cost care; disease requiring multidisciplinary treatment; condition that waives a grace period for the granting of sickness benefit and disability retirement; and illness or condition that causes exemption from income tax.

To senator Mara Gabrilli (PSDB-SP) proposed that the worker withdraw money from his FGTS account to buy orthoses and prostheses for disabled dependents. In education, the Senator Major Olimpio (PSL-SP) wants the withdrawal for the payment of tuition and tuition fees in higher education or professional training – and this could be done by the worker, his spouse or dependents.

Senator Styvenson Valentim’s project (Pode-RN) expands the possibilities of withdrawing from the FGTS for health and education, whether for payment for higher education courses or for surgeries essential to health. Styvenson stated that the release of FGTS in cases of diseases aims to alleviate the demand of SUS.

Birthday loot

The birthdays of January to October and who joined the FGTS birthday withdrawal can now access the benefit.

The withdrawal-anniversary, allows the withdrawal of part of the balance of any account, being it active or inactive of the fund every year, in the anniversary month, in exchange for not receiving part of what is entitled in case of dismissal without cause.

Currently, payment takes place according to the schedule per month of birth. Workers born in January and February received the amounts last month. The amounts are available for withdrawal until the last business day of the second month following the acquisition of the right to withdraw.

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Do you know the amount you can receive? The amount to be released varies according to the balance of each account in the worker’s name. In addition to a percentage, he will receive a fixed additional, according to the total amount established in the account.

In addition, the amount to be withdrawn varies from 50% of the balance without an additional installment, for accounts up to R $ 500, to 5% of the balance and an additional R $ 2.9 thousand for accounts with more than R $ 20 thousand.

The accounts are a little complex. However, we will explain. For example, if a worker has R $ 1,450 in all FGTS accounts, it will be possible to withdraw 30% of the total, plus a portion of R $ 150. In other words, the withdrawal will be R $ 570.

Immediate withdrawal

It’s confirmed. THE Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS) you will have the seventh batch of withdrawals and transfers being paid. The benefit will be released for birthdays in July and August tomorrow, Saturday, October 17. Those born from January to June can already draw.

See the calendar:

  • October 17: born in July
  • October 17: born in August
  • October 31: born in September
  • October 31: born in October
  • November 14: born in November
  • November 14: born in December

THE emergency withdrawal, not value of R$1.045, can be done by workers with active accounts (current job) and inactive accounts (previous jobs).

The money is being paid in two stages. Initially, the amount is deposited through digital social savings. There, the worker can use the money to pay bills online and make purchases through the digital bar code created by the program.

In the second stage, according to the specific calendar, the amounts will be released for withdrawals or transfers. Anyone who does not want to receive an emergency withdrawal must give ten days notice.


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