“Prolonged Covid” can affect various parts of the body and mind


A continuous picture of illness after covid-19 infection, called “prolonged covid”, may not be just one syndrome, but possibly even four, causing a roller coaster of symptoms that can affect all parts of the body and mind, they said doctors this Wednesday (14).

In an initial report on long-term covid-19, the British National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) stated that a common theme among patients – some seven months or older with the disease – is that the symptoms appear in one physiological area, such as the heart or lungs, and then subside and surface again in another area.

“This review highlights the harmful physical and psychological impact that continuing covid is having on many people’s lives,” said Dr. Elaine Maxwell, who led the study.

Thousands of people around the world have connected via social networks and forums online to share their experiences of ongoing covid-19 symptoms.

According to the British patient group LongCovidSOS, data from a symptom tracker application developed by King’s College London shows that 10% of covid-19 patients remain ill for up to three weeks, and about 5% may remain ill for months.

Maxwell, who presented the conclusions of the document “Living with Covid” in a speech online He told the press that health services are struggling to “manage these new and fluctuating patterns of symptoms and problems.”

She and her co-authors asked patients and doctors to write down and track symptoms so that health researchers can learn more about the condition and how to alleviate it as quickly as possible.


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