Proposal for financial readjustment is approved by the Flamengo Council | Flamengo


Flamengo’s Board of Directors met on Monday and approved the budget adjustment proposal because of the impacts generated by the coronavirus pandemic. The conclusion was that with the figures presented the club will be able to cope well with this period with less revenue, such as ticket sales.

Rodolfo Landim, from Flamengo, and Paulo Henrique Costa, from BRB, sign a partnership contract – Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

The opinions of the Fiscal Council and the Permanent Finance Committee were presented to those present. With the departure of Jorge Jesus, Flamengo recorded having received about R $ 11 million.

On the next 26th, there will be another meeting in Gávea, this time for the Deliberative Council to appreciate and vote on the models of uniforms 1 and 2 for the 2022 season.


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