Proposal: RELEASE of 7 NEW unemployment insurance installments; SEE details


Many bills on the unemployment insurance that have already been sent to the Chamber of Deputies. Most projects propose to extend the benefit.

PL 3,618 / 2020 is one of the projects sent, and allows dismissed workers to receive up to seven installments of unemployment insurance, in addition to six more subsequent transfers. At the moment, unemployment insurance is granted between three and five monthly installments, depending on the time the person worked in formal employment.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the unemployment rate in Brazil increased 1.2%. The purpose of extending unemployment insurance would be to mitigate the economic impacts caused by the new coronavirus pandemic.

Extension of unemployment insurance installments

The project authored by deputy Bohn Gass (PT-RS) provides for the extension of unemployment insurance to seven installments. The operation of payments would be through the Workers’ Support Fund (FAT).

A bill was also created by Congresswoman Flávia Arruda (PL-DF) who estimates the extension of unemployment insurance, but for four months in the regions of the country most affected by unemployment.

Congressman Felipe Carreras also presented a project that extends to yet another portion of unemployment insurance.

About 40 projects were sent to the Chamber of Deputies with the same objective.

The Deliberative Council of the Workers’ Support Fund analyzes the possibility of extending the payment of unemployment insurance to two more installments for those who are dismissed without cause during the period of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

If approved, the measure will meet approximately 6 million people and it will have an impact of R $ 16.1 billion on public accounts.

The worker receives between three and five installments of unemployment insurance, depending on the time of work and how many times the request was made. If the measure is approved, whoever is dismissed without just cause will have five to seven installments of the benefit.

Workers dismissed between March 20 and December 31 of this year will already have the right to extend the benefit, if the measure is approved.

Those responsible for the proposal are the counselors who represent the workers in Codefat. According to adviser Sérgio Luiz Leite, the measure is based on constitutional amendment 106 of 2020, which created the war budget.

“The war budget makes it clear that limits on the creation and expansion of expenses need not be observed, as long as the measure has effects limited to the calamity period,” said the councilor.

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