pros and cons in the face of Virtus, Yaris Sedan and Onix Plus


Nissan is confident that the new Versa will be a success.

Reasons why the company has so much: the second generation of the sedan has been completely renovated in design, has gained important safety items and brings competitive prices in the face of competition.

The model is positioned to attack the elite squad of compact sedans. Thus, according to Nissan itself, Versa faces the most expensive versions of VW Virtus, Toyota Yaris Sedan and Chevrolet Onix Plus.


Brand promises lowest maintenance cost in the category

Image: Murilo Góes / UOL

The new Versa bets on an aggressive pricing policy at its launch.

The Sense entry version costs R $ 72,990 with a five-speed manual transmission. Those who opt for CVT transmission will pay a difference of R $ 5,000 – bringing the total bill to R $ 77,990.

The manufacturer, however, believes that it will be the Advance and Exclusive versions that will account for the majority of sales. Part of this bet is in the amounts: R $ 83,490 and R $ 92,990, respectively.

As for rivals, the VW Virtus is the most expensive of the trio: it costs R $ 84,950 in the Comfortline version and R $ 98,950 in the Highline. The Toyota Yaris XS Connect costs R $ 87,790 and the XLS Connect version sells for R $ 93,790.

Onix Plus is the cheapest of the competitors, going for R $ 78,690 in the LTZ Turbo AT configuration and R $ 82,390 in the Premier.


Yaris Sedan - Murilo Góes / UOL - Murilo Góes / UOL

Yaris Sedan bets on the same recipe as Versa

Image: Murilo Góes / UOL

Virtually everything is new in Versa, but the engine is the same as before. Therefore, we are talking about the 1.6 16V up to 114 hp and 15.5 kgfm with ethanol or gasoline in the tank, associated with the CVT exchange.

The proposal is similar to the Toyota Yaris, which is powered by a 1.5 16V 110 hp / 105 hp and 14.9 kgfm / 14.3 kgfm. Like the Versa, it also features CVT transmission.

Virtus and Onix Plus bet on the efficiency of the turbocharger in 1-liter engines.

There are 116 hp with any fuel and 16.8 kgfm / 16.3 kgfm of maximum torque in the case of the Onix, which has a six-speed automatic transmission.

The formula is the same as Virtus, which delivers 128 hp / 116 hp and 20.4 kgfm of maximum torque with ethanol or gasoline. The transmission also has six gears.

Dimensions and trunk

Virtus - Disclosure - Disclosure

Virtus owns the largest trunk among compact sedans

Image: Disclosure

Nissan’s novelty preserved the 4.49 meters in length, but changed a lot in the rest. The sedan was 5 centimeters wider (now 1.74 meters), 4 centimeters lower (1.47 meters) and has 2 cm more wheelbase in relation to its predecessor, totaling 2.62 meters. The trunk grew from 460 liters to 482 liters.

Virtus is almost identical in size to Versa. It has practically the same length (4.48 meters), almost the same width (1.75 meters) and the same height (1.47 meters). The wheelbase, however, is 3 cm longer – it is 2.65 meters. The volumetric capacity of the trunk is much more generous: 521 liters.

Next to it appears the Onix Plus, with 4.47 meters in length, 1.73 meters in width, 1.47 meters in height and 2.60 meters of wheelbase. There are 469 liters of trunk.

The Yaris Sedan is the smallest, with 4.42 meters in length, 1.73 meters in width, 1.49 meters in height and 2.55 meters of wheelbase. The trunk holds 473 liters.

Serial items

Onix Plus - Murilo Góes / UOL - Murilo Góes / UOL

Onix Plus also comes with 6 standard airbags

Image: Murilo Góes / UOL

Nissan decided to invest in content in its new sedan.

All Versa versions leave the factory with 6 airbags, stability and traction controls, ramp start assistant, keyless door unlock and engine start by button.

The target is very clear: it is the Onix Plus, which also comes with the first four items from the factory since the basic version.

In this match, Virtus and Yaris Sedan lose. Although it has electronic assistance, the VW sedan comes with “only” 4 airbags and only brings unlocking the doors and starting without a factory key in the Highline version.

The Yaris XS brings only three electronic assistances and the double airbag required by law. In compensation, the XLS version comes with 7 airbags – one more than Onix Plus and Versa -, in addition to unlocking the keyless doors and starting the engine by button.


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