Protested against Trump’s first choice


On Thursday, the US Senate Judiciary Committee will decide whether Amy Coney Barrett will be nominated as the new US Supreme Court judge.

If she is nominated, it is expected that the Republican majority in the Senate will approve the nomination.

However, US feminist groups in the United States are concerned that Amy Coney Barrett will restrict women’s access to abortion if she becomes the new U.S. Supreme Court justice.

Therefore, thousands of people gathered in Washington DC to protest against the candidate, Saturday.

“When we unite and take to the streets, women are the greatest political force in the United States, and there is nothing Donald Trump can do to stop us,” said Rachel O’Leary Carmona, director of the American Women’s March Movement.


In addition to the protests in Washington DC, there were similar protests in several other American cities.

In addition to protesting against Barrett, the feminists also protested with the goal of achieving a US presidential change.

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– Vote for him! If he votes, the message from the protest trains sounded.

– Women are threatened in a world where a Christian theocracy is close to taking power. The next few weeks will decide so many things for women, said Kelsey Weir, one of the thousands of people who had gathered at the protest march in the American capital.


However, the women’s march has met with opposition from the Independent Women’s Forum, a conservative women’s movement in the country.

They showed their support for Barrett with a counter-protest march, also in Washington DC, with the message “I’m With Her”.

– The women’s march flags with feminism, but they do not really promote equality or opportunities for women. That is why they now choose to fight Amy Coney Barrett, who is a qualified Supreme Court judge candidate, the movement writes on its website.


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