PS5 players will be able to record and send voice chats for moderation


Launched this Wednesday (14th), software update 8.0 of the PlayStation 4 brought a series of changes to the system, including new group and message interfaces, new avatars and a simpler system for parental control.

Some users of the device, however, noticed another detail that brought some strangeness: a new notification being displayed by the system and indicating that conversations in the PlayStation 4 voice chat could be recorded for moderation.

At first, details about the moderation of the voice chat were not released by Sony, which created more confusion among players.

The explanation came just yesterday afternoon, through an update made in the update 8.0 announcement post on the PlayStation blog. – and which, according to Sony, will be a resource for recording and moderating content once the PlayStation 5 is released.

Recording voice chat for moderation is a feature that will be available for PS5 when it launches, and will allow users to record their voice chats on PS5 and deliver them for moderation review“wrote the Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU).

The notification they are seeing on PS4 now is to inform you that when you chat with a PS5 user (after launch), they can deliver these recordings from their PS5 console to SIE“, continued.

In practice, the resource can be used for content moderation by Sony if any player sends the audio recording to the company. As indicated in the text, this can happen even if a PlayStation 4 player is in a chat group with a PlayStation 5 player.

The moderation feature also does not depend on the user’s express consent to the recording – since authorization is given by the user at the moment he accepts to use voice chat. It is not clear, however, whether the function will be exclusively reactive – that is, analyzed by Sony only at the request of a player – or whether there will be some kind of active moderation of voice chat.

The voice group moderation feature is not the only new security option implemented by Sony with the 8.0 update: according to Sony, the two-step verification system (2SV) of PlayStation 4 has also received improvements.

From now on, PlayStation 4 will accept third-party authentication applications as an option during the activation process, in addition to a 2SV connection via PS4, mobile device or the Internet.


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