PS5: Sony reveals new interface and details of console performance | esports


Sony released a trailer with the first impressions of the new PlayStation 5 menu. In addition to the new look, changes were also announced regarding the operation of the system, which will not need an internet connection and will focus on the user experience.

The video, which already has more than seven million views, was released shortly after Microsoft announced that the next Xbox One update will have the interface of its new generation and features the new PS5 graphical interface, with slight changes in the look. The idea, according to the developers, is to bring a system that makes sense and at the same time is beautiful.

PlayStation 5 will arrive in Brazil in November – Photo: Disclosure / Sony

It is also possible to notice in the video some news in the menus and the possibility of putting some videos in windowed mode while the user is playing. The alternative makes it easier, for example, for the player to watch a tutorial while trying to pass the level, all through PS5. However, this alternative will only be available to PS Plus users.

Interface of the new PS5 promises to be uncomplicated and beautiful – Photo: Reproduction

The content sharing system has also changed. Now, users will be able to have more control over the prints taken from within the matches and will also have access to recent content even if they do not put the game to record.

The PlayStation 5 has a release date scheduled for November 19 in Brazil and has a price set at 4,999 reais in its version with disc player. For those who prefer the fully digital version, the value will be 4,499 reais. The console is the main competitor of the Xbox Series X / S in the world.


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