PS5 will not force update to play titles offline


Sony revealed that the PlayStation 5 will continue to be able to be played offline, which was a consolation to some users who feared that the console would only work in online mode, after the features revealed today.

However, Sony confirmed to Digital Foundry that disk games can be played immediately, without the need for any updates, something that also happened with PlayStation 4.

Obviously, this information is of interest only to players who choose to purchase the traditional PS5 version, with a disc, since the digital one must be connected to the internet.

PlayStation 5 is scheduled for release on November 19 in our country, and Sony believes that the new console will be able to sell more than PlayStation 4 during the first five months of life, when the Japanese company’s fiscal year concludes.

Pedro Ferreira is a content producer at IGN Portugal. You can follow him on Twitter


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