PS5: youtubers share first impressions of the console


Several Japanese youtubers have been given the chance to test the PlayStation 5 and are already sharing their experiences with Sony’s new hardware. According to the players, the console is delivering high speed load times, a completely silent and autonomous cooling system, and the incredible resolution of exclusive games of the new generation.

The PS4 has an extremely noisy ventilation system and that was a major concern of the fans in relation to the PlayStation 5, however, according to Dengeki Online, the new console gets to be incredibly quiet.

(Source: 4Gamer / Reproduction)Fonte:  Dual Shockers

(Source: 4Gamer / Reproduction)(Source: 4Gamer / Reproduction)Fonte:  Dual Shockers

(Source: Dengeki Online / Reproduction)(Source: Dengeki Online / Reproduction)Fonte:  Dual Shockers

The in-game experience was also shared on social networks, revealing the loading time of the new SSDs in games Astro’s Playroom e Godfall, which impresses by the almost instantaneous speed of return to the game after a death. Check out the video below.

The first impressions of the DualSense haptic sensor were also revealed, showing how the controller will respond to the player’s movements and the different types of contact, as in the case of Astro’s Playroom, in which the device can identify the youtuber’s breath to perform a “freezing” task in the game.

The PlayStation 5 arrives on November 12 in the United States and selected countries, and on November 19 for Brazil.


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