PSP follows the Sweetest Popcorn on Instagram and makes jokes about Louboutins shoes – Portugal


The fact that A Pipoca Mais Doce got its closet this week prompted a comment from the Public Security Police. “Good afternoon AGM, we are analyzing whether we should consider” mistreatment “to leave the Louboutin” grounded “facing the wall.”

AGM is Ana Garcia Martins, named A Pipoca Mais Doce, blogger and now commentator on reality show to TVI Big Brother. The post came with a photo of closet tidy and the phrase “Order in the tent”. One of the 674 thousand followers of A Pipoca Mais Doce is the PSP, who saw the post, liked it and commented. And the blogger replied “Arrest me”.

It is not new that the PSP social networks are news for the humor. Facebook has 706 thousand “friends”. Instagram has 119,000 followers. In this social network, the police “follow” 126 pages, almost all institutional. But there are some personal ones: Pipoca Mais Doce, Cristina Ferreira, Suzana Garcia, Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho, Bruno Nogueira, Pedro Ribeiro, Banksy, Catarina Furtado, Nuno Markl or Rita Guerra.


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