Psychoanalyst analyzes separation of Gusttavo Lima and Andressa Suita: ‘Lacked emotional responsibility’


The way the marriage of Gusttavo Lima e Andressa Suita shocked many people. A ‘perfect couple’ on social media, who apparently did not raise any suspicion of crisis or early disruption.

After the model went public saying that she was awakened at dawn by her ex-husband, who communicated her about the end of the five-year relationship, without even giving her the chance to save her marriage, an important issue in psychology came up : affective responsibility.

A This Is People he sought out psychoanalyst Manuela Xavier, graduated from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) and a master and doctor in clinical psychology at PUC, who spoke about the delicate subject.

Manuela explained what affective responsibility is: “We understand that a relationship is made up of two people and that we have responsibility for what it causes in the other. Because it has to do with creating expectations ”. She added: “Affective autonomy: how much each is in the domain of the exercise of feelings. Affective responsibility is when there is affection and feeling ”.

The way the singer broke the relationship was extremely violent, according to the professional: “He was not careful. The breakup was violent, with little care and form and dishonest. Affective responsibility is this care that we cause in others. There needs to be care and dialogue in relationships, ”he said.

He continued: “In the case of Gusttavo Lima, there was no affective responsibility. Care was lacking. He would have had to open his feelings to her, not do it the way he did. The breakup was irresponsible, cowardly, egotistical behavior ”.

The psychoanalyst stressed that affective responsibility is in all types of relationships. Between man and woman, friendship, boss and employee, in relationships in general, but there is some kind of feeling towards that person. “Responsibility is in every kind of relationship. It is to understand what the other feels and our impact on his life. You don’t have to charge yourself to fit the other, but we need to be honest, sincere and kind ”.

Still on the end of Andressa and Gusttavo’s marriage, Manuela concluded: “Society trains women for them to accept anything from men. There was toxic masculinity. The analysis of this relationship is a social portrait of the woman trying to save the marriage, when in fact she only needs to save herself ”.

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