Public Ministry denounces former Cruzeiro president and eight other people


The Public Ministry of Minas Gerais (MPMG) denounced, on Thursday, three former leaders of the cruise – the ex-president Wagner Pires from S, the former executive vice president Itair Machado and the former director general Srgio Nonato – and six other people. According to the agency, the complaints are for crimes of money laundering, misappropriation, ideological falsehood and the formation of a criminal organization.

In addition to the former directors of Raposa, a former football club advisor, three businessmen, a former president of Ipatinga and the father of an athlete from the lower categories of Cruzeiro were also denounced.

Also according to the MPMG, the loss of the group’s irregular actions to Cruzeiro, resulting only from the crimes of misappropriation and money laundering, of about R $ 6.5 million.

In addition to the conviction of the investigated, the MPMG asks that the Fox compensation be fixed for the damage caused and, as a collective moral damage, damage to the club’s image, with the payment corresponding to 100% of the damage actually caused (R $ 6.5 million) .

The Public Ministry is awaiting a decision on the lifting of the confidentiality of measures, data and information, which is still required, in order to disclose further information on the case.

Denounced and their crimes

The former president of Cruzeiro, Wagner Pires de S, was denounced for the crimes of ideological falsehood, undue appropriation and formation of a criminal organization. The former vice president of the club, Itair Machado, adds to the same crimes of Wagner that of money laundering.

Srgio Nonato, former director general of Raposa, in turn, is responsible for being part of the criminal organization and for undue appropriation. The former football adviser on the celestial team was accused of unlawful appropriation.

According to the Public Ministry, the three businessmen involved in the scheme are accused of being part of the criminal organization and for undue appropriation, two of which will still be responsible for money laundering.

The former president of Ipatinga Futebol Clube was accused of money laundering. Finally, the father of the athlete from the base categories of Cruzeiro is responsible for the crime of ideological falsehood.


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