public votes and flame power will define new garden


The public of Tik Tok voted for the power of the red flame, which will define a new formation of the farm with three pedestrians. Raissa Barbosa, owner of Lampião, will have to choose which of the powers she will have and deliver the other.

Raissa Barbosa was the big winner of the Trial of Fire in reality The Farm 2020. According to the rule defined in the program, the power pawn will have to decide which flame [vermelha ou verde] she will choose at the time of the formation of the garden this Tuesday (20th). However, only one flame was revealed and chosen by the participating Tik Tok audience.

Fazenda 2020: public chooses the power of the red flame

As usual, the presenter Marcos Mion makes a poll on the Tik Tok app, so that the public can choose which flame power will be revealed during the formation of the garden. Therefore, as a result, the public of the social network voted and chose alternative B – which says: ‘the power owner must choose three people. A new vote will decide which of the three pawns is the fourth bearer. The swidden formation will not have ‘Resta Um’.

After all, it remains to be seen who the owner of the Lampião will choose to be the three pawns who will compete for the hot seat. “A new vote will start, everyone will vote only on the chosen three, to decide which of the three, will be the fourth farmer,” said Mion, who also revealed about the end of the most feared dynamics of the fields. “That is, in this case, ‘Resta Um’ is over, there is no more 1 left. At least this week. ”


How was the Trial of Fire?

Raissa Barbosa was the winner of this week’s Test of Fire in A Fazenda 2020. The test consisted of a panel with a series of switches. The pedestrians were hung in front of the structure and needed to turn on the lights of the phrase “Fire Proof” in the shortest possible time. The team competed against Lucas Selfie and Juliano Ceglia.

Raissa will have to choose which pawn will hand over the power

Above all, after winning Lampião Power, its owner will have the mission of choosing a participant to deliver the power – who can define the course of the game. Everything depends on the participant Raissa, who won the trial of fire on Sunday (18).

And the Green Flame?

The power of the Green Flame is revealed only during the voting of the field. In other words, both the home audience and the participants of the reality A Fazenda 2020, will know it live on this Tuesday (13) program, on Record TV, after the soap opera ‘Jesus’.


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