Qualcomm plans to sell its own smartphone


Qualcomm is a name better known than many brands. Snapdragons have become a symbol of the evolution of smartphones, from basic equipment to processing machines capable of fitting our whole life inside. Qualcomm has effectively become dominant in the mobile world, pushing many competitors into oblivion, but has never crossed a barrier that it is now preparing to pass: having its own smartphone.

According to Digitimes, Qualcomm should partner with ASUS to design and market a smartphone on its own, putting the future Snapdragon 875 at its center. The idea is that ASUS will sell one version, Qualcomm another, but maintaining a common core specifications and focusing on gaming.

Of course, Qualcomm technically already has smartphones, but we are only talking about prototypes and demonstrators, and the production of a series model is entirely new. It is a similar path to that of Google when it decided to create its Pixel, and has an interesting potential to create a new player in the gaming smartphone ecosystem. Assuming, of course, that on the part of the other brands there will be no discomfort because a partner is also a competitor. It is not a new situation in the world of smartphones.


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