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For the first time since the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic in March, Queen Elizabeth II participated in appointments outside their official residences this Thursday (15).

She and Prince William visited scientists at the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory in the city of Port Down. During the visit, the two also opened an Energy Analysis Center for actions against terrorism. The work cost 30 million pounds, more than R $ 216 thousand at the current price.

Prince William accompanies Queen Elizabeth II at the opening of a laboratory in the south of the UK on Thursday (15) – Photo: Ben Stansall / Pool via Reuters

Porton Down scientists are researching the new coronavirus and have also identified Novichok, a neurotoxic agent used to poison former Russian spy Serguei Skripal in 2018 and Kremlin opponent Alexei Navalny this year.

London blamed Moscow for the attack on Skripal, exiled to England, which led to an unprecedented diplomatic crisis and a reciprocal expulsion of diplomats, something that has not happened since the end of the Cold War.

At 94, Elizabeth II is part of the risk group for the new coronavirus. As of March, the queen kept only the commitments she could virtually fulfill, from within the royal palaces.

Neither she nor her grandson wore masks, but, according to a spokesman for the monarch, every care was taken to avoid exposing the queen and the prince, including a minimum distance of two meters.

United Kingdom: local authorities call for more restrictions against Covid-19

All 48 people who had the closest contact with the two tested for Covid-19, and in all cases the result was negative.

The concern exists because the UK and other European countries are experiencing a second wave of coronavirus cases. On Thursday, the British government tightened restrictions to prevent a collapse in the health care system.

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