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It has undoubtedly been a fun half year for Queen Elizabeth (94). Not only has his grandson Prince Harry moved to the United States after he and his wife abdicated their royal duties, but their son, Prince Andrew, has been in the middle of a serious sex scandal.

TALE: Queen Elizabeth spoke to the British people during the corona crisis. Pictures from the BBC.
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On top of that, the world has been hit by a deadly pandemic, which in reality has meant that the 94-year-old queen has had to isolate herself to a great extent.

If she had been infected, things could have gone terribly wrong. Together with her husband, Prince Philip, they have therefore largely stayed away from events and crowds.

On Thursday, however, that changed. The queen has not performed any missions outside royal grounds since the start of the pandemic, but visited a science center on Thursday.

This the queen never ate

Dropped face mask

The 94-year-old visited the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down, near Salisbury. Pictures from the assignment show that she kept a good distance from others, while she was shown around the area.

WITH THE GRANDCHILDREN: On Thursday, the queen brought Prince William on a mission. They kept a good distance from each other. Photo: AP, NTB
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Prince William was also present during the mission. According to Sky News, none of the royal guests wore face masks. In the UK, face masks are mandatory in several places indoors, and it is much stricter than in this country. Parts of the queen’s visit took place outdoors, but she was also inside the center itself.

In photos, on the other hand, it may seem as if there was a kind of garage door open in the room, and that the bandage was thus circumvented. The security was also carefully reviewed in advance, writes Sky.

NUSSELIG: The bomb dog Max was among the guests the queen was to greet. Photo: Ben Stansall / AP, NTB
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All 48 people who were to have contact with the queen and the prince were tested for the coronavirus in advance. In addition, everyone must have stood at a distance of two meters, to ensure minimal risk of infection.

However, there was one guest present who was not particularly good at staying away from everyone – the bomb dog Max. He was kept on a leash, and thus kept away from the queen, but there was no curiosity.

She has lived in Windsor since March, when she left Buckingham Palace in favor of more isolation and less infection. She has admittedly not stayed completely away from everything and everyone.

BUCKINGHAM PALACE: This photo, from Buckingham Palace, was taken during a conversation between Queen Elizabeth and Erna Solberg. The picture is now attracting attention. Video: AP / NTB / CNN
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Took out the sword

In July, she was once again seen in her royal duties, when she could welcome Captain Tom Moore to Windsor Castle for a special ceremony.

The captain, who earlier this year attracted a lot of attention when he collected money for the British health service in connection with his 100th birthday, was named a nobleman, and was given the title Sir.

ADLET: War veteran Sir Thomas Moore was named Knight Bachelor by the Queen. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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– The Queen will use the sword that belonged to her father, George VI, during the ceremony, and will give Captain Sir Thomas Moore the title Knight Bachelor, Buckingham Palace announced.

He collected the money by going round his house, and he managed to collect over 30 million pounds, which is equivalent to over 350 million Norwegian kroner.

CRITICISM: The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, is criticized for fooling around with the coronavirus. Video: AP
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He was obviously proud when the queen put the sword on his shoulder, a symbolic ceremony that was of course performed at a good distance.

Whether Thursday’s official mission means that Queen Elizabeth will begin to return to her duties again is unknown. The pandemic is still prevalent, and the infection is constantly increasing in the UK. Thus, everyday life will probably not be completely normal again at first, neither for royals nor others.


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