Quina result: contest 5393 this Saturday (10/17/2020); check out


Check out today (10/17/2020) another Quina result that will be released this Saturday by Caixa Econômica Federal exactly at 20: 00hs (Brasília time). See below the numbers drawn and the winners of Quina contest 5393.

Quina Results

The dozens drawn were: 03, 12, 27, 61 and 67. Share on Whatsapp

Quina draw location

The draw took place in São Paulo-SP on 17/10/2020 (Saturday) at 20: 00hs.

Quina’s 5-point hitters

There were no 5-point hitters from Quina and the prize was accumulated in R$ 11.800.000,00 of reais.

Other Quina winners and prizes

There was 104 hitters of 4 points and they will receive R$ 8.551,09.

8.957 hitters did 3 points and they will receive R$ 149,30.

There were also 228.029 hitters of 2 points who will receive R$ 3,22.

Next Quina contest

The next 5394 contest will take place on 10/19/2020 at 8:00 pm (Brasília time). Therefore, start now to place your bets on lotteries and authorized bank correspondents.

Collection of Quina for the 5393 contest

Quina raised the amount of R$ 15.424.608,00 of reais.

Quina de São João

Quina will draw in its special contest, the accumulated value of R$ 46.238.723,16 of reais. For this reason, this is one of the most awaited contests for your bettors.

Tip of the day for Quina

The guess of the day for Quina is: 05, 13, 30, 33, 46. It is worth remembering that this combination was generated especially for you. Therefore, share on Whatsapp only to your most trusted friends.

This Saturday’s horoscope

Find out the predictions for your sign this Saturday (17/10/2020) in our Horoscope category of the day and check out the most fantastic revelations, tips and guess of the day to make your day even better.


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