Rafa Kalimann deletes post after followers imagine connection with Bolsonaro – 10/17/2020


Rafa Kalimann is an eloquent phenomenon of social networks. Whatever the platform, the BBB 20 runner-up attracts crowds. Any outburst, comment or reminiscence reaches millions and is interpreted with speed, not always in the right way.

The newest confusion occurred on Twitter, when the missionary published the print of a cell phone whose clock marked the 17:17 cabalistic time. Excited, she reinforced the numeral in the post text, next to a star emoji.

It was enough for many to see connections between Kalimann and President Jair Messias Bolsonaro, who was elected under the aegis of the PSL, a political association that led many Brazilians to sink 17 in the polls in 2018.

Maledience or exaggeration of a bored nation. The ex-BBB has always been very careful to stay out of this type of debate, as far as we know.

It is also public and notorious that many people like mysticism around the hours when the minutes repeat the hour numbers, such as 10:10 and 9:09 or 13:13 – the latter depends a lot on the type of clock. They say it is a good time to make requests to the stars.

Rafa quickly made a retraction. “I deleted the same numbers, but just to be clear, it was because it was 17 hours and 17 minutes on the 17th and I am megaaa connected to equal hours”, he wrote.

Another mystery solved.

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