Raging after Trump speech: – This kind of rhetoric that put me and my family in danger


Earlier in October, a number of people were arrested in Michigan on suspicion of plotting to kidnap US Democratic Gov. Grechen Whitmer in her vacation home.

«Lock her up»

Several of the men are linked to the far-right Boogaloo movement. The kidnapping plans became a topic during Donald Trump’s election rally, and the president generally spoke lukewarmly about Whitmer.

“Hopefully you will send her away soon,” Trump said.

At one point, the spectators shouted “lock her up” repeatedly.

– I think she was threatened, right? And she blamed me! Our people were the ones who worked with her. We’ll see what happens, Trump replied then.

Strikes back

Governor Whitmer reacts strongly on Twitter night to Sunday Norwegian time.

– It is precisely this rhetoric that put my, my family and others who work for the authorities’ lives in danger while we work to save our fellow citizens. This needs to stop, she says.

Her digital manager, Tori Saylor, also responds:

– Every time the president does this at an election rally, the violent rhetoric against her on social media immediately escalates. This must stop. It just has to stop, says Saylor.

Charged with planning for kidnapping

According to the AP, the accused had planned the kidnapping for several months by training with militia members. Four men had also planned to meet this week to pay and exchange explosives and various equipment.

Adam Fox, who is described as a leader in the group, is also said to have bought an electroshock weapon to use during the kidnapping.

He has explained that the group would try Gretchen Whitmer in court – for treason.

On Friday, a federal judge ruled that five men connected to the threat would be brought to justice, according to CNN.

Brandon Caserta, Adam Fox, Kaleb Franks, Ty Garbin and Daniel Harris have been charged with plotting to kidnap Whitmer. So far, a total of 14 people have been charged.


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