Raissa Barbosa’s team pronounces on leaked intimate video


Raissa Barbosa’s team used social media to spread a note about the ex-Miss Bumbum’s intimate video posted on an Instagram profile attributed to MC Mirella’s father, disaffected by the young woman in “A Fazenda”.

“Raissa Barbosa Press Advisory Release @cacauoliver
Legal advice from the participant of Fazenda 12 Raissa Barbosa will be called upon to analyze the disclosure of intimate images of the participant. It is worth remembering that such an attitude is condemned by the penal code and appropriate measures will be taken.
We want to thank once again Raissa Barbosa fans who have been giving us all the support since the beginning of the reality and have gone up # Raissa Merece Respect. This is not just about Raissa, but about all women who go through this type of situation.
The press office and the digital media team are working to support Raissa’s participation in the game without using any other type of resources to reach the other participants. ”


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