Raissa puts Stefani against the wall and questions friendship


On Saturday afternoon (24), Raissa Barbosa questioned Stéfani Bays’ friendship with her. The paoa recalled the fight with Mirella and said that the ex-MTV ‘turned his back on her’. Come and see

This Saturday afternoon (24) in reality The Farm 12, to participant Raissa Barbosa questioned the former MTV Stefani Bays about the fight you had with the funkeira MC Mirella. Vice-Miss Bumbum asked why she ‘turned her back’ on her at the time of the bullshit, which begins after a meeting called by the ex-paoa, Luiza Ambiel.

The Farm 12: Raissa questions Stéfani’s friendship

In the outside area of ​​the headquarters of Record TV’s reality, the two talked a lot about everything that happened during and after the fight in A Fazenda 12. “I leave like the traitor, a fake”, begins Raissa. At that moment, Stéfani says: ‘It’s not that I didn’t look at your side, it’s that I didn’t put you in that situation. “Okay, you put yourself in my place too, you didn’t put yourself in my place. You only saw Mirella’s side, you didn’t see my side. Okay, you’re like that, the person who turns his back on you, you don’t do the same ”, induces Raissa.

As an answer, Stéfani says. “No. But each one with his personality, you can’t be judging me for that. ” “No, but I am not judging you, I am judging, that you all turned your back on me when I voted for her, everybody”. At the same moment, Stéfani asks: “Did I turn my back on you?” She continues: “No Raissa, I didn’t turn my back on you, I walked away from everyone, besides you, I said to Lucas: ‘I’m going to stay in mine, just watching’.”


Stefani is upset by Raissa’s words

However, after Deputy Miss Bumbum asked why Stéfani had ‘turned his back’ on her during the bullshit with Luiza and MC Mirella in A Fazenda 12, the former MTV felt uncomfortable with the accusation, which according to it didn’t happen. “Sorry, but you can’t say that I turned my back on you man, it’s not possible. You’re telling me that I turned my back on you again inside”, says the paoa, incredulous with everything. At that moment, Raissa explained her point of view. “But, the situation,” said Raissa, but was soon interrupted by Stéfani, affronting: ‘When will I turn my back on you? When?”. Raissa asked: “Are you fighting with me?”. “No, I’m asking you, for you to speak, I’m defending myself. When will I turn my back on you? ”Insists Stéfani.

“I felt it”, says Rassa, who again is interrupted by Stéfani, who says: “I never turned my back on you, this is the second time that you have done this, First you gave us our first situation, now you are saying that I will turn my back on you, when will I turn my back on you? I don’t turn my back on anyone, I’m talking to you and Mirella. ”

But, she gave one more explanation to Raissa in the outside area of ​​A Fazenda 12: “I just isolated myself, I was bad with me and I walked away, so as not to discount others. I walked away, I was alone, Lucas came to talk to me and I said: ‘get out, I want to be alone’. ”


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