Ramiro takes yellow and does not face Flamengo on Sunday; Mndez also stays out


Corinthians achieved an important victory over Athletico on Wednesday night, at the Arena da Baixada, but is already starting to think about what comes from now on. Defender Bruno Méndez, sent off halfway through the second half, and midfielder Ramiro, who took the third yellow card, will face suspension against Flamengo on Sunday.

Ramiro, who was the only one hanging from the starting lineup, ended up being yellowed when he gave a cart to an opponent’s player, from behind. The judge soon raised the card and took the athlete out of the weekend game.

Méndez, on the other hand, had a safe performance until, without much explanation, hit the face of striker Renato Kayzer in a move in which the ball had already been cleared by Gil’s back line. After checking the VAR, the referee considered the move to red.

In the absence of the Uruguayan and with the injury to Danilo Avelar’s right knee, defender Marllon, who entered the final minutes of the match at Arena da Baixada, should be on the field at Neo Química Arena.

Already in midfield, it remains to be seen whether Mancini wants a player to get more on the attack or close the midfield. Camacho and Cazares, who entered this Wednesday, in addition to Cantillo and Otero, back from their selections, are the options.

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