Raniel’s thrombosis, from Santos, may be linked to coronavirus


Santos’ striker Raniel underwent surgery on Sunday night to drain a bruise on his right leg due to a deep vein thrombosis. The player is admitted to the Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in São Paulo. The athlete was infected with the new coronavirus about a month ago and the disease may be linked to the virus.

According to experts heard by the Estadão, thrombosis may be a sequel to covid-19. There are cases of people who had problems months after contracting the virus. “Covid may be linked to the fact, due to its enormous capacity to cause inflammatory vascular diseases, compromising the endothelium (cell layer that lines the blood vessels), causing an endothelitis (kind of inflammation) that can be acute or chronic”, said Margareth Dalcolmo, pulmonologist and researcher at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

Infectious disease doctor Alexandre Vargas Schwarzbold pointed out that many diseases can appear in patients even after they are cured. The problem is that covid-19 affects the cells that cover blood vessels, so there are cases like thrombosis and stroke in several people.

“There is no way to exclude that thrombosis is linked to covid. Complications due to covid can take a few months, as it must be the case. Players travel a lot by plane and this can affect them too. Therefore, whenever there are longer international flights, the recommendation is to move to avoid thromboembolism ”, said the doctor, who is president of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases of Rio Grande do Sul and professor at the University of Santa Maria-RS.

He also recalls that Raniel’s physical build reinforces the idea that the coronavirus may have caused the problem. “Obviously there is no way to ensure that covid caused this, but it is unusual for a non-obese young man to have venous thrombosis.”

Margareth Dalcolmo also recalls that the athlete may be predisposed to contract vascular diseases. “It is necessary to know whether or not the player has a thrombophilia condition (a tendency for thrombosis to appear), which is a genetic condition. But it is only possible to detect this in very sophisticated exams ”, explained the doctor.

Santos’ own doctor, Ricardo Galotti, admitted that thrombosis may indeed be linked to the covid-19. However, it is worth stressing that, for the time being, there is nothing that points to any negligence from the Santos medical department.

UNDERSTAND THE CASE – On September 4, Santos announced that Raniel’s tests were positive for the new coronavirus. About 15 days later, he was released to return to training and has participated in Santos’ training and games since then.

On Saturday, he was admitted to the Clínica do Esporte, in Goiânia, after presenting deep vein thrombosis in his right leg. He was with the other athletes for the game with Goiás.

On Sunday, he was already hospitalized in Sírio-Libânes. According to a note from the hospital, he arrived “showing pain, edema and functional impotence in his right leg. It evolved into compartment syndrome due to extensive hematoma ”.

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